How do I add an administrative user to CA Dispatch?
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How do I add an administrative user to CA Dispatch?


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Can you tell me how to add an administrative user to CA Dispatch?





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Regarding your question on how to add an administrative user, the answer/method to do this depends on whether you have compiled CA Dispatch to use INTERNAL or EXTERNAL security. 

To determine what security has been configured into CA Dispatch, log on to CA Dispatch and, at the ENTER NEXT TASK CODE prompt, issue a DSOPTN command. In the resulting display, the MODE field will reflect which type of security CA Dispatch has been compiled with. 

If an error is received when issuing the DSOPTN command, then please make sure you have APAR #: RO71200 applied and then follow the steps below to compile the program into the Dispatch dictionary:

  1. Bring Dispatch down and backup your dictionary files.         
  2. Modify the DSEXDOPT JCL provided with this PTF to reflect your Dispatch region's high level qualifier.                         
  3. With Dispatch down, execute DSEXDOPT. Review your output to ensure that it executed properly.                            
  4. Bring Dispatch up. After signon, type "DSOPTN" at the ENTER NEXT prompt to see the DC900550 message displays of the security and feature information.
  5. Send me a screen print of the resulting screen.

- If you've compiled using EXTERNAL security, then you will need to contact your external security Administrator and have THEM define you as an "Administrative User" by linking the appropriate security rules to your external security profile. If you and/or your external security Administrator are not sure how to define the necessary rules, I would refer you to Chapter 8 entitled "SECURITY" in the CA Dispatch System Programmers Guide for additional details. 

- If you've compiled using INTERNAL security, then the CA Dispatch administrator is going to have to DELETE then RE-ADD your USERID into the DSUSERS member with the appropriate internal SECURITY CLASSES, and then run the DSEXUSR1 job to compile your updated user information into the CA Dispatch dictionary. If you are not sure how to do this, I would point you to the CA Dispatch Installation guide and start reading at the topic entitled  "Step 5. Define Users and the Network". Read through this section were you will find additional information for the USER statement, CADSOPTN member DSUSERS, Security Codes for Internal Security, Internal Security Table, etc...

Additional Information

If you don't already have a complete set of CA Dispatch documentation which would include the above mentioned manuals, you can download a PDF version of the CA Dispatch documentation from our legacy bookshelf located HERE.