Can Opera be configured for a "VIEW ONLY" mode?
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Can Opera be configured for a "VIEW ONLY" mode?


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Is there a "View Only" setting with the external security (CA ACF2)? Where a 2nd user can only view the actions (to QA the work done)? 

Will dis-allowing all actions thru the CAC rules (or CACMD profiles), make this user a Viewer only?? 




Release : 3.1

Component : CA-Opera for OS/390


The answer is NO 

Opera has intercepts into the operating system that looks for messages. Events trigger on these intercepts.Opera is not sophisticated enough to determine if there are different Opera systems executing in the same systems and manage situations that exist in a NON-ACTION VIEW ONLY activity.

The install Guide: section 2.3

Releases 3.0 and 3.1, and future releases, have identical characteristics. Therefore, any two releases of 3.0 or higher cannot be run on the same system at the same time.

This goes for any two releases that are the same level.