Does Symantec/CA Directory support changelog replication ?
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Does Symantec/CA Directory support changelog replication ?


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CA Directory


changelog is mentioned in this document:

But it’s setup required for CA Directory to retrieve data from another LDAP server, right?

We would like to know how the LDAP changes / updated in CA Directory can be detected and picked up by another LDAP server.



Release : 14.x

Component : CA Directory


changelog method was added to CA Directory quite recently, but the purpose was only  to allow migration from ODSEE (Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition).
This included replication between CA Directory and ODSEE DSAs during migration.

changelog method is used by CA Directory to retrieve the updates from ODSEE.
It may or may not work for other LDAP directories that support changelog, as changelog method is not a part of any standard.

When CA Directory replicates to ODSEE it uses multi-write replication over DXlink. Replication is performed in real time using replay-based queues.

Please note that in LDAP there is no standard for replication.
Different methods, like above mentioned changelog, exists, each with their pros and cons.
Those methods are used by some vendors, and there were a few attempts to create a standard for LDAP replication, but that never happened.
CA Directory does not support any of the LDAP replication methods.

Symantec/CA Directory is fully compliant to X.500 standard.
Replication between X.500 directories has to be done using DISP (Directory Information Shadowing Protocol).