Mouseover comment in MUX incorrect for attributes with display mappings
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Mouseover comment in MUX incorrect for attributes with display mappings


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Mouseover comment in New UX is incorrect for attributes with display mappings.

Steps to Reproduce: 

  1. Using Studio, add a lookup to the Project object named 'zteam' which points to a Team lookup 
  2. Save. Then, enter Display Mapping Colors for each value and alternate mouseover text for several values 
         Green = Accounting 
         Red = Finance 
  3. Create a second lookup on the project object that points to a different lookup, like Status, named 'zstatus' 
  4. As in step 2, enter colors and alternate text on the bottom of the attribute detail 
         Green = Approved 
         Red = Declined 
  5. Add these two attributes to a Blueprint in the Modern UX 
  6. Publish 
  7. Open an existing project that is associated with this Blueprint, select a value for each new lookup 
         Make sure both values are the same color, i.e. green 
  8. Go to a different tab or close and re-open the same project 
  9. Hover your mouse over the color green and notice it will display the wrong alternate text for the other field (or it may be correct also) 

Expected Results: Mouseover on color displays correct alternate text for the defined color mapping on that specific field. 

Actual Results: Mouseover on color displays alternate text from a different field.


Release : 15.9.1, 15.9.2, 15.9.3 



DE61481. When a Blueprint has more than one field on the Properties page, that have the same Display Mapping colors, the mouse-over text may be the Display Mapping text from another attribute. 

Workaround: Use different colors for each attribute. 


Fixed in Release 16.0.0