Remove specific software updates from a software update policy
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Remove specific software updates from a software update policy


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IT Management Suite


How can I remove specific software updates from a software update policy?

You may see a NS log entry referring to an invalid update that you may want to remove since it is no longer available or needed:

Failed to generate update client policy config for: 'Windows10.0-kb5003214-x64-2004-20H2-21H1.msu for MSNS21-05' (3a342e63-161b-4087-8a33-3e578e958ad3)

Advertisement(policy) Windows10.0-kb5003214-x64-2004-20H2-21H1.msu for MSNS21-05 does have an associated update. You can remove this policy.
   [Exception @ Altiris.PatchManagementCore.dll]
   at Altiris.PatchManagementCore.Policies.SoftwareUpdateAdvertisement.GenerateClientConfig(Guid, XmlNode, XmlTextWriter)
Date: 6/11/2024 3:31:08 AM, Tick Count: 39840203 (11:04:00.2030000), Size: 3.71 KB
Process: AeXSvc (7020), Thread ID: 90, Module: Altiris.PatchManagementCore.dll
Priority: 1, Source: SoftwareUpdateAdvertisement.GenerateClientConfig


ITMS 8.x


In the Symantec Management Console, go to Manage>Policies>Software>Patch Management>Windows and choose the software update policy that you want to edit. You will see something like this:

Click on the the software update you wish to delete. In this example, we will choose Windows10.0-kb5003214-x64-2004-20H2-21H1.msu. You will see "Select software updates" dialog box:

In the right panel, search for the update you want to remove. Again, in this example, we want to remove Windows10.0-kb5003214-x64-2004-20H2-21H1.msu (highlighted in yellow above), then click on the left arrow (yellow above) to move the update to the left panel. Click "OK" and then on the "Save Changes" button. You will see something like the following: