OI ServiceNow add channel issue
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OI ServiceNow add channel issue


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DX Operational Intelligence


We are trying to integrate ServiceNow with DX OI SAAS.

Under DX OI SAAS settings -> Channels -> Ticket Management

We are adding the information for the ServiceNow and then clicking on the "Test" button.

It is giving an error message:
"Please check the configuration from the servicenow."

This same user was working well.

We did not get the description part of the ServiceNow ticket. Once we give the role of "sn_incident_write" to the user, then we are able to get the description part. But after a few hours, the integration stopped working.

We removed the older Channel, and now trying to add it back again, and getting the above error message.

The user has all required permissions that are specified here:


Release : 20.2

Component : CA DOI Foundations


The response (using developer tools) coming from the ServiceNow shows that there is 500 exception being returned.

Error message - {"action":"Test","status":"Failed","message":"Nim Error : {\"Success\":false,\"Error\":{\"ErrorCode\":151,\"ErrorMessage\":\"Please check the configuration for ServiceNow(SNTESTMDR)\",\"DetailErrorMessage\":null,\"HTTPResponseCode\":\"BAD_REQUEST\",\"HTTPResponseCodeValue\":\"500\",\"WarningMessage\":null}}"}

Work with your ServiceNow team and investigate why 500 exception is being returned. This issue is on ServiceNow side.