Advice on Creating a new model
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Advice on Creating a new model


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Advise about a proposed approach to creating a new model



Release : 8.7

Component : CA 2E



# The current 2E model release.


# Is the best approach to migrate what we have in terms of libraries etc. to a new iSeries, then Upgrade the CA 2E Version and model OR should we just install the latest version of CA 2E then import the model?

*It is good that first, we move the model to a new machine and then download the latest 2E software and then upgrade the model as per the installation/upgrade instructions in tech docs.

#Once we have the existing model upgraded, we plan to make changes to several fields within the DB (to increase the length). Does CA 2E allow for regeneration of the whole model via a menu option or is it more manual than that?"

*No we need to do that manually. Once changes did we need to find all the usages of the field and regenerate it manually.

# When looking at impact, we plan to identify the fields in the model and any work fields that reference the field and make the changes to the model for those work fields.  Is there an automated way to do this or utilities to support this (or is it a manual process)?

* No We still do not have any automated tools to achieve the process. It needs to be done manually

#Does Broadcom have experience with this kind of upgrade and do you offer a service where we can engage you to do this or assist with this?

* We do not provide a service as such for upgrades. That said, if issues are faced during the process, customers can always reach out to Broadcom Support and we can help with any defects. If they would like to reach out to a vendor who provides upgrade services, they are reaching out to partners like CM First.