Unable to export filtered event list.
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Unable to export filtered event list.


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Endpoint Detection and Response Advanced Threat Protection Platform Endpoint Protection with Endpoint Detection and Response


In Endpoint Detection and Response(EDR), unable to export a list of filtered events in Symantec EDR. Failed to export grid.INVALID_REPORT_TITLE is the error displayed.


Steps to reproduce:

  1. In EDR UI, navigate to Search> Database> Events
  2. Then the Export option is selected. 

    Result: The error "Failed to export grid INVALID_REPORT_TITLE" is produced no matter what you type in the Report Name field.


PLEASE NOTE: You may filter the events differently and for a different period of time, but the error is the same.


There are two possible causes of this issue.

  • The default ReportRequest entity is in PDF format.  The entity is executed before the correct CSV value is set.
  • There is a logical error in the javascript type script when the error response is generated.


Use, Indexed-based search with field_name:value while searching for events. Instead of direct search in the search bar which was causing frequent time-outs on the EDR UI. It will help further in generating the report. 


Do one of the following:

  • The current user should log out and then log back in.  A new session context is generated on each login.
  • Logout and then use a different browser to log in.

Note: Ensure the browser you are using meets the requirements for the EDR console.  See - Browser requirements for the EDR appliance console in the latest SEDR 4.x documentation.