CA Process Automation Manager in a cluster is failing. Version: 04.3.03
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CA Process Automation Manager in a cluster is failing. Version: 04.3.03


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CA Process Automation Base


After windows patching our PAM server failed to come up correctly. We have two PAM server in a cluster and one is working and processing workflows but the other is not. The database connections to the PAM DB look good. We have restarted the windows service and rebooted the server several times. I will attach the PAM server logs.


Release : 4.3

Component : Process Automation


Reported Issue: When we are starting node2, it's not joining the cluster after the windows patch is applied.

RCA: The first started node in the cluster is called the master node and we deploy a few services only in the master node. Somehow, the 2nd node is not able to look up the service and not able to join the cluster.  As per logs, it's working as expected till "2021-05-22" but not working on "2021-05-23".

Node 2 is not able to resolve node1 through the short name(without a fully qualified domain name)

Fix: To fix the connectivity issue, we mapped the hostname to a fully qualified domain in the host file.

Next action:
Please confirm whether DEV/TETS environment is working as expected with the windows patch. If yes, please let us know when you are planning to apply the windows patch again in the PROD. 
I guess it will work with the windows patch as well as we resolved the connectivity issue by adding the entries in the host file.