PAM server not triggering Powershell script within a workflow process
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PAM server not triggering Powershell script within a workflow process


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Hi, we have 2 PAM servers in our lower environment and there's a process which executes a powershell script to pull a password from a remote site, the problem is the script executes successfully in one of the nodes but it won't even execute in the other node (the workflow is the same for both nodes).

We did some testing and found out the powershell script is not even invoked to be executed, it doesn't return any error or failure, it just won't run.


Release : 4.3

Component : Process Automation


The resolutions were:

1. Check your file to ensure oasis.powershell.setexecutionpolicy is set to “true” and oasis.powershell.path contains the path to “powershell.exe” (make sure to use forward-slashes instead of back-slashes)  For example:

#Specifies whether the user selected an option to change the PowerShell run policy during installation.
#Defines the PowerShell path on the host computer.

After updating the properties file, stop and restart the ITPAM service.

2. If that doesn’t work, the second option would be to reinstall ITPAM on the server showing this problem, making sure to enable Powershell during installation,.


Additional Information

unable to execute commands using Powershell Script from PAM