Modern UX Project Grid - Unsaved view is created
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Modern UX Project Grid - Unsaved view is created


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Issue observed in the Modern UX Project Grid is an unsaved view is created.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Login to Modern UX
  2. Navigate to Project grid
  3. Make change to grid (resize column) on View 1
  4. Navigate to View 2
  5. You get the popup "You have modified the view "View 1""
  6. Click Discard Changes and load View 2

Expected Results: Unsaved view should not have been created since no change in View 2
Actual Results: Unsaved view is created


Release : 15.9.1

Component : STUDIO


This is working as designed. New UX page remembers the last thing you did for each view. If you had not saved or discarded the last time in any view it will load in italics mode and ask user to save.


Go through each view, make changes, and save . Once the views are saved/discarded, the view stays that way the next time loading that view.

Note: If you load a view that was not saved, then that one will load unsaved.