CA View - SARDBI11 messages received when running SARPAC
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CA View - SARDBI11 messages received when running SARPAC


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We are getting these errors for certain reports in the View database when running SARPAC : 

*SARDBI11  Record not found, GCR=SADA7XX28042 GEN=10324 SEQ=00001
*SARDBI11  Record not found, GCR=SADA7XX28065 GEN=10324 SEQ=00001
*SARDBI11  Record not found, GCR=WSAD8805 GEN=10324 SEQ=00007 


Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


Check to see if there was a CA View backup cycle running at the same time as the SARPAC job.

SARPAC builds a list of reports which will be moved to new tapes, this is done prior to mounting the first tape. 

Once the list is built, SARPAC will then begin mounting tapes and moving reports to new tapes.

If the backup cycle starts, and expires one of these reports, SARPAC will try to find the control record for the report in the database and subsequently fails.

Message SARDBI11 is issued, there is nothing wrong with the database, this is just a timing error.