Set Modern UX as landing page with SAML (On Premise)
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Set Modern UX as landing page with SAML (On Premise)


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Clarity PPM On Premise


How to enable New UX / Modern User Experience (MUX) to be the landing page with SAML. 


Release : Any


Steps to set the MUX as the landing page with SAML:

16.1.0 and higher:

  1. Modify the $clarity\.setup\templates\docroot\index.html
  2. Change the location.replace script - as described, old line commented, in red, new line in green:
    <!--script>location.replace("@[email protected]/nu#action:homeActionId");</script-->
  3. Save and redeploy and restart services.

15.9.3, 16.0.1, 16.0.2, 16.0.3:

  1. In IDP, set the Default Relay State to Modern UX URL, i.e.http://<clarity_host>/pm/
  2. Save and restart all services
  3. This will direct you to MUX URL if called from the IDP page (link or tile) 

Note: this will only work for the tile/link from IDP site, not for Bookmark link/URL in browser 

  • For this to work in URL in browser you must upgrade to 16.1.0 and higher,
  • Alternatively use the beta version of this feature on 16.0.3 after enabling SSO_BOOKMARKS
  • Versions prior to 16.0.3 will not work for MUX to be fully a Landing page for On Premise

Additional Information

  • Direct browser URL links in On Premise will not work (15.9.3, 16.0.0, 16.0.1, 16.0.2)  as per Unable to set MUX Landing page (On Premise)
  • The setup described above for those versions will only work for connecting to MUX from a tile/link in the IDP page, not from URL
  • Upgrade to 16.1.0 and do the Postupgrade 16.1.0 SAML Configuration then the update to index.html as described above to get this functionality available