ERROR MESSAGE: PasswordMessageType::Reuse Arguments
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ERROR MESSAGE: PasswordMessageType::Reuse Arguments


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CA Identity Manager


We are getting password history verification issue, when creating new users.

We have a set of Tasks including the out of the box Password Reset Task and another Temporary User Password task to configure a temporary password. 

When we attempt to modify a users password the Task fails with:

Error: Failed to execute ResetPasswordEvent. ERROR MESSAGE: PasswordMessageType::Reuse Arguments

When our password policy has a Minimum Number of Passwords before reuse value set:

There are no policyxpress policies for Password configuration.



Identity Manager 14.3 SP 2



This is caused by both tasks issuing a Password reset Event, which is pushing the password into the user store twice, the second attempt is violating the Minimum Number of Passwords before reuse value and is throwing the error. 


The resolution is to check the box on the Tasks Tab tab for "Do not generate a separate event for password changes" on one of the tasks:

this will prevent the password reset Event from being issued from both Tasks and allowing reset to complete.