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CA View - IVP Programs


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Are there any IVP jobs that can be run to test r14.0 with an older database?


Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


Though currently there are no IVP programs for View, the following steps can be used to test the collection of a report:

 . With a View database defined and a SARSTC task running that corresponds to that database:    

 . . Run an IEBGENER job where the SYSUT2 output has a sysout class, destination, and/or form that correspond to the SARINIT CLSL, DEST, and FORM parameters.                                                  
 . . In the running SARSTC task, issue the command "/F sarstc,NEW" to run a View standard backup.

     The corresponding SARINIT parameter would be the STORGRP0 parameter:                                      
       where:  unit-p is the esoteric for the primary tape media           
               unit-d is the esoteric for the duplex tape media            
 . As the basic functions of the SARSTC task are to collect reports and run backups, the above should suffice as a test.  

 . The majority of the other View functions revolve around database maintenance and collected reports.