NAS Triggers example for sending a new alarm if more than one condition is met
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NAS Triggers example for sending a new alarm if more than one condition is met


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


I would like to send an alarm if two other conditions are met; or in other words, I want an alert if I get two (or more) alerts from different probes on a single source.


UIM - Any Version


This can be accomplished using NAS Triggers; you still need the original alarms from the probes to be sent, and then you can trigger a new alarm from NAS with a customized message when both/all alarms are received.


In the following example, I have a robot called lvntest022693 and my goal is to set up an alarm that goes off if I get an alarm from both cdm and net_connect for the same robot.

In NAS, under Auto Operator->Triggers I set up the following two triggers:

CDM - any severity from this robot

net_connect - any severity from this robot

Next I went to Auto Operator->Profiles and created a profile of type “new_alarm”, with “On trigger” as the action mode, with a custom message that is sent if the triggers are both triggered (use boolean ‘AND’):


Result when both alarms are present:

Additional Information

This could be combined with some automation to achieve a scenario where a particular user/group was alerted only in case of all conditions being met.  

For example:

- the above trigger setup could be combined with an Auto-Operator of "EMAIL" type which would send an email alert based on the customized message;

- meanwhile, another auto-operator could be set to look for the original cdm/net_connect messages, and close them automatically after being open for X minutes, to avoid "clutter" in the alarm console.