REST step gives high response time than Postman
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REST step gives high response time than Postman


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CA Application Test


When validating a HTTPS REST call in DevTest Workstation seeing high response time.

Workstation show additional 450ms when the actual API response time is 50ms at application level. Postman is taking around 175ms and DevTest Workstation is taking around 500+ms and want to know why it is taking high response time.


Release : 10.6

Component : CA Application Test


The network latency will play a role. DevTest System Requirements recommend the Round Trip Time to the servers to be <20ms to get the better response time.

Also, DevTest support several auth schemes with HTTP, proxy mechanism, etc which add a little bit of overhead compared to the plain and simple HTTP request send by Postman.


If anyone facing high response time with REST step in a test case. Please open a support ticket and refer DE502134. Support will share the patch and additional information which should resolve the issue.