BSI Windows Cluster Installation Procedure
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BSI Windows Cluster Installation Procedure


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CA Business Service Insight


Additional clarification on the installation procedure for CA Business Service Insight (BSI) in a clustered environment.


Release : 8.35

Component : CA Business Service Insight


While we don't have "step by step" documentation the overview of how the normal install procedure for multi-tier installation is this link:

Each Application and Web Server node needs to be installed individually to a local drive, then the configuration steps are followed further down the page to move shared elements to a shared drive, and balancing (for web servers) or failover (for app servers) is configured. 

Each individual install of the product is performed in the same way.

1) Create the Database on the Oracle cluster, using the "Manually Create the Database" steps:

2) Set up the Oracle networking on each App/Web server node so the clients can speak to that server - when the servers run their install they will then connect to the existing database, rather than try to create a new one:

3) Install those Application and web server nodes on local (not shared) drives:

4) Follow the configuration in the first link to create just the shared components on the shared drives. BSI stores most of its information directly in the database, so it is automatically shared between nodes - the elements that are set on shared drives are documented in the first link, and are primarily the document store and Adapter definitions.