Invoking a GEN z/OS COBOL Server/PStep from IBM ACE (App Connect Enterprise)
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Invoking a GEN z/OS COBOL Server/PStep from IBM ACE (App Connect Enterprise)


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Is there a way to invoke a CA Gen z/OS COBOL Server/PStep from a third-party application like IBM IBM ACE (App Connect Enterprise)?


Release : 8.5, 8.6

Component : Gen General Misc. Questions


IBM ACE (App Connect Enterprise) is distributed platform based product (Windows, Linux, AIX) with no z/OS components.
For a z/OS CICS connection, IBM ACE seems to be able to support CICS Transaction Gateway (CTG/ECI) and also SOAP and Rest APIs.

After researching the feasibility of directly calling Gen Servers/PSteps Gen Engineering concluded that the best option would be to use a custom client calling a Gen Proxy which can use a supported middleware to invoke the Gen Server.
So for example, if IBM ACE can invoke a local Java program then calling the generated Java Proxy for the Gen server would be the suggested method (requires entitlement for Gen Java Proxy license).

Other than above there really is no way to easily invoke the Gen Server or PStep directly. 
To pursue that option would be something that the Broadcom Services team would need to provide and Gen Product Manager Su Brude ([email protected]) would be the appropriate person to contact to start that process.

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