JOBACID and SUBACID Control option
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JOBACID and SUBACID Control option


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Top Secret


JOBACID and SUBACID have following definition.
JOBACID(J,7)                     * OBTAIN ACID FROM BATCH JOBCARD       00440800
SUBACID(U,7)                     * OBTAIN ACID FROM SUBMIT USER-ACID    00440900

When a JOB is submitted without USER=, TSO userid is assigned as ACID.

Does it mean that  SUBACID(U,7) option is used ? 

How/When is JOBACID(J,7) used ?


Release : All

Component : CA Top Secret for z/OS


JOBACID and SUBACID are not related        
JOBACID are for jobs from NJE or RJE

JOBACID only applied to NJE, and RJE which is job coming from outside of the system.
If there is a USER= on the jobcard, the acid specified will be used.
If there  isn't a USER= on the jobcard and the job is submitted from an online terminal, another batch job, or a STC, the SUBACID value is used.