Unable to import large amount of users to CloudSOC via .csv
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Unable to import large amount of users to CloudSOC via .csv


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CASB Security Advanced CASB Security Premium CASB Security Standard CASB Securlet SAAS


You would like to import a group of 900 users within Symantec CloudSOC to create several Securlet policies to monitor their activity.

If you are not using Directory Sync via SpanVA, you will need to import via .csv.

After several tests with the template file provided by the Symantec CloudSOC tool the import failed. 


The elastica_user_import_template.csv example "Groups" field (Column "D") is shown like this:

[u'Finance', u'HR Admins (OU=users,DC=elastica,DC=me)', u'Management']




You must edit the "Groups" field (Column D) to include the group(s) you want the user to belong to using the format ["Finance"]. If you leave this field in the template unedited, it will fail to create the group and add the user(s).

The tech note Import and Export Users and Groups, states "Automatically create groups and assign users to them by including a group for a user in the appropriate column of the .csv file. CloudSOC automatically creates any group that does not already exist". 

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