Permissions Issue with respect to the Sub-object instances
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Permissions Issue with respect to the Sub-object instances


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Clarity PPM On Premise


We are having issue in our production system where a user is not having appropriate access on instances of sub-object, they are not seeing a checkmark to be able to select an instance so an action can be run against that instance which copies it. All the rights related to the sub-object for the user is provided. But still facing issue.


Release : 15.8.1

Component : CA PPM STUDIO


15.9.2 Behavior

In order for the user to see checkmark user needs to have at least 1 instance right to Delete an instance, Edit right by itself will not allow checkmark to show. Instance right to delete an instance of the subobject can be assigned from any Idea, so user might not have a single delete right to any of the instances for Idea1 but they will still have a checkmark for instances of the subobject under Idea2 but if user will try to delete an instance they have no delete rights to Clarity will not allow it and warning message will be shown.


Exactly the same behavior as described above for 15.9.2, the only difference is that in 15.8.1 both Edit and Delete rights are all in 1 under Edit right. And when user remove the last Edit right that the user had to the sub object instance the whole instance right right to Edit sub object is also removed.