RA 9 - How to move from a Standalone system to a Distributed system
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RA 9 - How to move from a Standalone system to a Distributed system


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How do I migrate RA 9 standalone to distributed?


Reporter Analyzer 9.0

Windows Server 2003/2008


ASSUMPTIONS: you are adding in one harvester and one DSA. RA standalone server will become RA console.

*NOTE: These steps were written based on lab testing, and may not reflect any changes you have within your environment. 

These steps are provided "as is", with no official approval or support. Follow them at your own risk.

  • Install appropriate versions of RA software on new harvester and DSA.
  • Stop MySQL and all NetQoS services on all RA servers
  • Copy database files from RA standalone out to other servers 
    • Copy from RA standalone to harvester: D:\netqos\mysql51\data\harvester 
    • Copy from RA standalone to harvester: D:\netqos\netflow\datafiles\ReaperArchive
    • Copy from RA standalone to DSA: D:\netqos\mysql51\data\nqrptr
  • Start up JUST NetQoS MySQL51 on all the RA servers 
  • Change the Harvester and DSA IPs in the RA Admin page. RA Administration > DSA and Administration > Harvester 
  • Update the databases to reflect the change
    • update the RA database to reflect the new harvester IP and new DSA IP. Remote desktop to the RA server and run the following in a command prompt:

o   mysql -P3308 reporter

o   truncate cpuutilization;

o   update database_servers set dataloadID='<IP of DSA>';

o   update database_servers_scheduler set address=inet_aton('<IP OF DSA>');

o   truncate diskutilization;

o   truncate harvester_status;

o   update routers set snmpProxyAddress=inet_aton('<IP OF NEW HARVESTER>')

where snmpProxyAddress=inet_aton('<IP OF RA CONSOLE>');

  • update the DSA database to reflect new DSA IP. Remote desktop to the DSA server and run the following in a command prompt:
  •         mysql -P3308 nqrptr
  •         update settings set value='data\\<IP of NEW DSA>' where name='RemotePath';
  •         update settings set value='<IP OF NEW DSA>' where name='DsaAddress';

update statistics set serveraddress=inet_aton('<IP OF NEW DSA>');  

Remove services from RA console that are not used. In a command prompt on the RA console:

C:\Users\Administrator>sc delete netqosharvester

C:\Users\Administrator>sc delete nqmgmtsrv

C:\Users\Administrator>sc delete NetQoSReaper

C:\Users\Administrator>sc delete NetQoSReporterAnalyzerDSALoaderService

Remove unused registry keys from the RA console. Go to start > run > regedit, find the following keys and delete: 

32 Bit Servers





64 Bit Servers





  • Remove unused directories from the RA console
  •         D:\NETQOS\Netflow\datafiles
  •         D:\NETQOS\Netflow\CrashDumps
  •         D:\NETQOS\Netflow\Logs
  •         D:\NETQOS\Netflow\sql
  •         D:\NETQOS\reporter\datashare\data\


  • Reboot all RA servers. Data should start populating after 45 minutes.




Component: NQRPTA