Post upgrade to 15.9.2 table rdm_roadmap_item_positions is not populated
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Post upgrade to 15.9.2 table rdm_roadmap_item_positions is not populated


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Problem Statement: We have a custom report which fetch the data from table rdm_roadmap_item_positions  and post upgrade from Clarity 15.7 to 15.9.2 the table rdm_roadmap_item_positions is blank.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Login to Clarity and Navigate to modern ux
  2. Navigate to Roadmap in modern ux and ensure you have appropriate rights
  3. Click on New Roadmap to create a new Roadmap Instance and choose the Start Period and Duration
  4. Once the Roadmap Instance is created, Import Roadmap Item using Import from PPM, Import from CSV
  5. In this example we are adding roadmap item using Import from PPM using Project Object
  6. Select one or many projects and click on add and you will see a banner "Import in Progress"
  7. Once the roadmap is created Create a Picklist
  8. Since the roadmap item has been added, now sync the link items by clicking on "Sync Linked Items" and choose the attributes you need to sync
  9. As the attributes are syncing you will see a banner "Sync In Progress This scenario is temporarily locked for editing"
  10. Now connect to database and query on table rdm_roadmap_item_positions.This table used to contain rows that associate a roadmap item to a position within a picklist. 

Expected Result: The table rdm_roadmap_item_positions should have data 

Actual Result: The table rdm_roadmap_item_positions is blank


Release : 15.9.2



This is due to change in data model on how roadmap data is stored. 


  • For table rdm_roadmap_item_positions you can now use a view dwh_rdm_picklist_position_v which contains the data 
  • Also below tables can be used from DWH Schema for building custom reports and to populate those you need to run the load dataware job and ensure Roadmap & Roadmap Item Object and Attributes are included in Data Warehouse