Problem for defining SSL Context for Kafka Assets
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Problem for defining SSL Context for Kafka Assets


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Service Virtualization


When defining the SSL Context for Kafka Assets defined the Trust Store and Key Store which passwords defined as DevTest Property Reference style like below:

However, the verification for SSL Context level got the error messages like below:

Verifying Asset
Autopopulated Trust Store with PDS_PAYMENTS_TRUSTSTORE (Trust Manager)
Autopopulated Key Store with [email protected]_PAYMENTS_KEYSTORE (Key Manager)
Creating SSL Context with protocol: TLSv1.2
Creating Key Store with type: jks
Loading Key Store <cert file name>
Initializing Key Store
Error: Error accessing key null + in keystore: Password must not be null

If the password definitions in Trust and Key store are defined with "Normal editor", then this problem does not happen.


Release : 10.6

Component : CA Service Virtualization


This is a known problem in DevTest 10.6.


There are workarounds of this problem.

  1. Use "Normal editor" for defining the password field
  2. Add Key Manager definition from SSL Context like below:

    and define the Key Manager like below:

    Then the error message was disappeared.