CN85 device is not working for AXA metrics
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CN85 device is not working for AXA metrics


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CA Application Experience Analytics SaaS (AXA)


We are able to successfully wrap the apk and test it in AXA SAAS with a Samsung J7, but when built on the CN85 device, the communication is no longer working. On Both Samsung J7 and CN85 devices, it is the same App. Both Samsung J7 and CN85 devices are configured under same AXA SAAS tenant. Samsung J7 device is reporting metrics in AXA SAAS, while CN85 device is not reporting any metrics in AXA SAAS. CN85 device is running android 8.1 OS. Airwatch is also installed on this CN85 device.


Release : SAAS

Component : MOBILE SDK


Enable the debug mode while wrapping (-d -v option ) and then execute the apk in the device showing the issue 
It seems like that the SDK is not enabled at all, since we are not able to get the profile info from the url, for some reason. 
Once you enable the debug mode and verbose logging with the -d -v wrapper commands, it can provide additional information about the issue.