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Unknown SQL


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DX Application Performance Management


Regarding the Metric Browser tab in the investigator, the WebLogic agent that reports just fine every SQL query behind "Backends|{db_name}|SQL|Dynamic|Query", but every query that falls under the Prepared path "Backends|{db_name}|SQL|Prepared|Query" is reported as "Unknown SQL".
That happens for every database on the agent.

Also, there is an "Unknown Driver" metric behind Backends.

Could it be a compatibility issue?


Release : 10.7.0

Component : APM Agents



This is caused by use of Oracle 19c JDBC, minor upgrade in Weblogic ( to ) changed the default Oracle JDBC driver file from 12c to 19c

The related class causing difficulties for prepared statements is oracle.jdbc.driver.T4CPreparedStatement 

The 10.7 agent continues to support Weblogic 12c, the SQL agent support is specific to the JDBC driver

APM 10.7 agent does not support Oracle 19c JDBC driver but if an Oracle 12c JDBC driver is used to connect to Oracle 19c database, this is supported and should produce valid metrics.




This is fixed by use of 21.4 agent or higher, which is available on request and is compatible with APM 10.7 Enterprise Manager