WIP Reversal vs WIP Transfer
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WIP Reversal vs WIP Transfer


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What is the difference between a WIP Reversal and a WIP Transfer? What do the 'Reverse' and 'Transfer' buttons on the Create WIP Adjustment page? 

What is the effect of each function?


Release: All Supported

Component: Clarity PPM Financial Management


WIP Reversal

The WIP Reversal is a function that allows the transaction to be removed completely from the financial module. When a reversal occurs, the record remains in the PPA_WIP table denoted by the status = 2, however the transaction cannot be seen from the UI, i.e. the transaction cannot be searchable from the either the Create WIP Adjustment page nor the Posted Transactions Review portlet.

After a reversal takes place on the financial side, the approved reversal must then be removed from the project side. 

The reversal amount is removed by running the Import Financial Actuals job. 

If a WIP reversal for a financial transaction that originated from a timesheet, there will be a discrepancy between the timesheet transaction vs the financial transactions.

To reverse or remove timesheet entries:

  1. Make a timesheet adjustment from the timesheet module by adjusting the quantity to zero (0).
  2. The adjustment timesheet is submitted and approved.
  3. From there, it will need to be processed by all the posting jobs. 

WIP Transfer:

The WIP Transfer is a function that allows the transfer of a transaction from one project / task to another project / task combination.

If the originating transaction comes from a voucher transaction entry, use this Transfer button.

The transferred amount is updated on both projects when the Import Financial Actuals job executes.

To use this feature, you have to follow specific steps to transfer to another task within the same project or to transfer another project/task combination. The destination project must have the destination Resource assigned to the destination task before performing the transfer action. If the transaction is selected for transfer and the specified filtering is not performed to show the transaction, the WIP transfer action will not be successful.

  1. Be sure to check the destination project - destination resource must be assigned to the destination task
  2. If the originating transaction comes from a Timesheet, make a Timesheet adjustment instead of using the 'WIP Transfer' feature. The source of the transaction can be seen on the detail of the financial transaction in the 'Entry Type' field. If the originating transaction comes from a voucher, proceed with the steps.
  3. Create WIP Adjustments > Search for the (voucher) transaction
    It is very important to use the following fields in the Filter Section using the specific criteria of the originating transactions for the transfer action to be completed successfully. If the fields are not specified to filter and return the desired originating transactions you won't be able to complete the steps to transfer the transaction.
      Start Date
      End Date
  4. Select/check the originating transaction(s)
  5. Click 'Transfer' button
  6. On the Transfer Page, fill in the new Project, Task and Resource values
  7. Click 'Submit' button,  see the transfer action is successful
  8. Navigate to Approve WIP Adjustments page
  9. Select/check the transaction(s)
  10. Click 'Approve' button
  11. Execute 'Import Financial Actuals' job to update the projects