About the PTFs RO93367 and RO96846 for PAN/SQL R2.4.
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About the PTFs RO93367 and RO96846 for PAN/SQL R2.4.


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The RO93367 and RO96846 have not been applied yet to PAN/SQL R2.4 though the PAN/SQL CAILIB is put in the LNKLIST. However, an abend problem has not experienced in PAN/SQL programs, yet. And, the XPROCOPT module doesn't exist in the PAN/SQL execution load library. Should the RO93367 and RO96846 be applied to the PAN/SQL R2.4?

Additional info;

The RO93367 and RO96846 solve the abend problem when a PAN/SQL program is run from within LNKLST. Those PTFs are applied to the XPROCOPT module as follows.

****** a part of the RO96846 ptf *********** 
++VER      (Z038)     FMID(CB2A240)            
   SUP      (T6BQ004).                          
 ++MOD (XPROCOPT) DISTLIB(CB2ALLD) .            
 ++IMBED T6BQ004 DATA                           
 ++ASSIGN   SOURCEID(CAP1612) TO (RO93367).     
******* omitted..  ************************* 



Release : 2.4

Component : Pan/SQL DB2 for OS/390


The urgency to apply those PTFs may be currently low because a abend problem has not been experienced in PANSQL programs yet. However, we recommend that he applies those PTFs to their Pansql R2.4 because the possibility of an abend problem exists as long as their PANSQL execution load library are put in their LNKLST. 

(The XPROCOPT is contained in some of DQSPxxx modules as a CSECT. So, those PTFs should be applied.)