TOD Rule )Init Section and Multiple LPARs
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TOD Rule )Init Section and Multiple LPARs


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


How can the )INIT section help when same rule is used in multiple LPARs?



Release : 14.0

Component : OPS/MVS


OPS provides a method to selectively enable a rule by including code in the )INIT section. If the logic of the )INIT section results in a RETURN REJECT statement the rule is not allowed to be enabled and you will see that message ENABLE FAILED. See the "AOF RETURN STATEMENT" section of the Using Guide, under the "AVAILABLE AOF RULE TOOLS chapter, which discusses the usage of the RETURN statement in the various sections of a rule:

This method is very used when rulesets are shared among several systems and the user wants to enable the rule only on some of the systems. See the sample rule CCLXRULS(CHKSYS) that uses this method.

SHUTSYS uses the same approach to avoid the rule to be enabled when a shutdown is not occurring. 

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For R14.0 refer to lin