Event Procedure is not creating the new event code to display the ifIndex
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Event Procedure is not creating the new event code to display the ifIndex


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CA Spectrum


We are trying to add the ifIndex variable to the Event Message in the Event BAD LINK DETECTED. 

We followed this KB article, but the new custom event code is not generated by the event procedure:

SPECTRUM Event Procedure to pass ifAlias attribute to event varbind

This is the event procedure that is not working:


Release : 10.4.1

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


a) There should be space characters after the  \  characters in the event procedure like below:

Which will damage the event procedure. Check in the Event Configuration Editor. In the example below the event procedure is damaged.

b) The Cause Code of the new custom event code must the same as the OOB (Out Of the Box) Cause Code, which is the 0x10d40a, otherwise, you will break the Fault Isolation algorithms.


a) Remove the space characters after the   characters in the event procedure. Also, use 'CreateEventWithVariables', 'SetEventVariable', and 'GetEventVariableList' instead of 'CreateEventWithAttributes', 'SetEventAttribute', and 'GetEventAttributeList', and respectively.

0x10d11 E 50 P "\
  CreateEventWithVariables( \
     {H 0xfff00005}, \
     SetEventVariable( \
           GetEventVariableList(), \
           {U 1}, \
           ReadAttribute( \
                {C CURRENT_MODEL}, \
                {H 0x130d1})))"
0xfff00005 A 3,0x1040a

b) Click on the "Update Event Configuration" button to reload the event customization changes into the SpectroSERVER memory, under the SpectroSERVER Control subview of the VNM model:

c) Click on the reloads the list of events button in the Event Configuration Editor:

d) Check if the event procedure is now correct in the Event Configuration Editor:

e) Set the correct Cause Code (0x1040a) for the new custom event code generated by the event procedure. Also, add the "ifIndex {I 1}" in the Event Message field, and save the changes:

f) This is the expected event message once a new alarm is generated for the BAD LINK DETECTED:

Additional Information

We do not recommend customizing the 0x10d11 event code as this will adversely affect Spectrum’s fault isolation algorithms which leads to undesirable results. See the following section of the Spectrum guide for further information:

But instead of using the ifIndex (0x11348) attribute ID which is an external attribute, use the X_ifIndex (0x130d1) attribute ID which is internal. (This is covered in this community thread:https://community.broadcom.com/enterprisesoftware/communities/community-home/digestviewer/viewthread?MessageKey=1c1b5ef3-d9e7-4875-837e-b4cb2f8b29f9)