Adhoc report using DWH_INV_ASSIGN_PERIOD_FACTS table shows wrong data sometimes


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Incorrect data is being loaded into the DWH_INV_ASSIGN_PERIOD_FACTS table in the Data Warehouse (DWH). In addition, wrong data has been noticed in DWH_INV_ASSIGNMENT as well. How do you fix this?


Due to parallel updates to Investment records when the full load of the Load Data Warehouse job is run.


Release: All Supported

Component: Data Warehouse (DWH)


Run an incremental load DWH to load the missing records.

It is recommended that end users are made aware of the times during which the full load and the incremental load are scheduled so that they do not schedule reports that fetch incorrect data.

Additional Information

To read about how the Load Data Warehouse job works, please check the following Techdocs link: Load Data Warehouse Job

See also KB: Data Warehouse (DWH) known issues