SOI - UIM: replacement for USM alarm views in OC 20.3.x
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SOI - UIM: replacement for USM alarm views in OC 20.3.x


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI) DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


In our SOI 4.2 we had integrated UIM USM links in SOI (launching custom view like from UIM connector), but after UIM upgrade to 20.3 version there is no USM and the links to CI or alarms do not work anymore.

How can achive this in UIM 20.3? 

from nimsoftconnector.conf

            <ns2:Label>CA UIM USM Details</ns2:Label>
            <ns2:Label>CA UIM USM Alarms</ns2:Label>


Release : 4.2

Component : SOI


UIM 20.3.x does not yet support advanced custom alarm views as previously supported in Flash-based UMP portal (as of when this KB is published - JUN 2021)


Unfortunately UIM 20.3.x no longer supports Standalone Custom Alarm Views. 

UIM 20.3 - replacement for USM custom standalone views (


Unfortunately, in the current version, UIM 20.3.3Hf2 (june patch) we still don't have full support for standalone custom view as it was possible in the flash based USM. 

We expect advanced filters for standalone OC Alarm viewer support will come in a next release of UIM.



Additional Information

NOTE: about what direction the current enhancements to the alarm viewer are moving to:

In the UIM 20.3.3Hf2 (June patch), we completed the integration between the alarm widgets in the HTML5 custom dashboards and the new OC alarm viewer. 

Now when clicking one of the alarm widget with a filtered alarm datasource  a, OC Alarm View is created.


For example, for a filter like:

"Hostname is server1"

The following URL is created: 


And the OC will only show alarms with the given hostname. 

However, custom creation of these links is yet not documented or supported to create your own filters manually. 

Based on the below basic schema for the simple filter, you may try to create some static links. But be aware that if opening these links on a session where OC is not already authenticated it will fail with a BAD request HTTP Status 400 because of a design issue that is going to be resolved once this will be fully supported. 

Unfortunately for the time being, as UIM does not support them, we cannot provide a supported replacement for the links in SOI as they worked before until UIM fully supports this and documentation provides the details about the URL creation.