Change Thresholds for several interfaces at the time
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Change Thresholds for several interfaces at the time


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


The idea is to modify the % Total Utilization Threshold for several interfaces, instead of doing this modifications one by one.
One by one, require to select the device, select the interface tab, right click the interface and select component details to finally get to the Threshold and Watches section under Information tab


Release : 10.4.1

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


All the thresholds for interfaces, are actually attributes of the interface.
For instance %Total Utilization correspond to 

Threshold = 0x1294b (SET_LEVEL_LD)
Reset = 0x1294f (RESET_LEVEL_LD)
Duration = 0x12be4 (DURATION_LD)

To modify several attributes at the time, Attribute Editor can be used.


1. In Locater tab on OneClick, search on models by model class, and choose the port model class.

2. This will return a list of ports/interfaces. You select those you want to modify the threshold (to select multiple ports, uses shift key). Then right click on the selected, and click Attribute Editor.
    Then you set a value, for % Utilization Threshold, % Utilization Reset and %Utilization Threshold Violation Duration.
    Doing this, after pressing Apply, you will change the attributes for all Interfaces/ports selected.

3. You can check the attributes were changed from Interface Attributes tab, or from Interface Information tab

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