Submit Service Desk ticket Manually
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Submit Service Desk ticket Manually


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CA Spectrum


We enable the Service Desk integration using the service-desk-ticket-config.xml and model associaton. The ticket are submited automatically.

Is it possible to configure the Spectrum to submit ticket manually, using the Oneclick, keeping the auto-submit function?



Release : 20.2

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


You can manually create a Service Desk ticket by right-clicking an alarm and
selecting ―Submit Service Desk Ticket.

After an alarm has been submitted to
Service Desk, you can right-click the alarm and select ―Service Desk Ticket
Information to view the ticket information details in Service Desk.

To manually submit a Service Desk ticket from OneClick
1. In the One Click Console, right-click an alarm that you want to submit to
Service Desk.
2. Select Submit Service Desk Ticket, as shown in the figure below. The ticket
is sent to Service Desk and the alarm is updated with the Service Desk
Trouble Ticket ID. The ID provides a link from the OneClick alarm back to
the ticket in Service Desk.