Metrics Not visible when selecting custom time range
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Metrics Not visible when selecting custom time range


Article ID: 217260


Updated On:


DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Unable to view data for Metrics  when selecting custom time range  in Operator Console 




Release : 20.3



June Patch:

Key Deliverables:

  1. Ability to configure alarm filters for ACLs through Account Admin.
  2. Ability to view and generate historical SLA reports through SLM.
  3. Metric Viewer with fixes on custom time filters, duplicate device metrics, duplicate metric view names and PDF export utility.
  4. Optimized global search in Operator Console with improved response time.
  5. Seamless navigation to OC Alarm viewer from Dashboard Designer with the alarm filters set on the data sources.
  6. Alarm viewer with an ability to send SessionId when using POST in URL Actions.
  7. Ability to restrict features related to device alias update and create/update maintenance schedule through ACLs.
  8. Group view with fixes on displaying the appropriate alarm icons in group member details.
  9. Ability to deploy beyond 100 robots through setup wizard.
  10. Security Hardening in SLM and Report Scheduler webapps.

Steps to apply the patches:

  1. Download the patches and import the zip files into the local archive.
  2. Deactivate the wasp probe on the Operator Console robot.
  3. Deploy all the webapps to the Operator Console robot. (MCS, MCS CLI & MCS Recon from the Mon Config Service bundle has to be deployed on Primary Hub)
  4. Activate the wasp probe. 

Patches Included:

These Hotfixes can be applied on Operator Console 20.3.3 or on top of patches released in April 2021.

  1. ump_operatorconsole-2.1.0-HF3
  2. uim_reportscheduler-20.3.3-HF2
  3. ump_accountadmin-20.3.3-HF2
  4. ump_dashboard-20.3.3-HF1
  5. ump_slm-20.3.3-HF2
  6. wasp_alarmviewer_api-2.1.7-HF2
  7. wasp_service_wrapper-20.3.3-HF1
  8. policy-management-ws-0.2.7-HF1
  9. ump_cabi-4.2.4_HF2 (Released in May 2021)
  10. mcsuiapp_portlet_1.3.9_HF2 & mon_config_service_20.33_HF2_bundle (Released in May 2021) 

Note: MCS, MCS CLI & MCS Recon from the Mon Config Service bundle (mon_config_service_20.33_HF2_bundle) has to be deployed on Primary Hub.