Board view showing only 4 columns even though there are other active lookup values
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Board view showing only 4 columns even though there are other active lookup values


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Board View is displaying less number of columns even though the lookup configured in Board Options has other values which are active.

New UX : Having too many inactivated lookup values in between active values, causes issue with Board View. Columns for the remaining, active values are not shown.  However, you do see the remaining active values shown in the column panel. Perhaps there is just a big gap where the inactive ones are and there is no scroll bar to see the remaining columns? 

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Login to Clarity 
  2. Navigate to Administration -> Lookups 
  3. Create Static Lookup "Status(Custom)" with Sort Order "Manual" 
  4. Create values Value1 - Value13 with IDs 1-13 
  5. Deactivate values Value7 - Value13 
  6. Click on the "Reorder values" tab and Put the deactivated values in between Value3 & Value4 
  7. Navigate to Administration -> Objects -> Inv. Create a new Lookup attribute with the Lookup "Status(Custom)" 
  8. Navigate to New UX -> Projects 
  9. Click on the Board View 
  10. Configure Columns, Color By with the newly created attribute in the Board Options section of View Options 

Expected Results: All the active Values of the Lookup are shown. 
Actual Results: Only values prior to the inactivated lookup values are shown. 


Release : 15.9, 15.9.1, 15.9.2, 15.9.3


DE61360. No scroll bar is showing. The user is not able to scroll over and because of the order of the lookup values it looks like the remaining active values are not appearing. 

Workaround: Move all the inactivated lookup values after the active values in the "Reorder Values" section of the lookup. This will ensure all the active values are shown on the board BEFORE the inactive values considered for rendering. 


Fixed in Release 16.0.0