UIM - MCS ntevl profile, event log include / exclude does not list "Available Logs".
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UIM - MCS ntevl profile, event log include / exclude does not list "Available Logs".


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


This is a technical article documenting an issue faced when configuring the ntevl MCS profile, the "Available Logs" section does not populate. 

Symptoms of the issue:

  • A group "setup ntevl (Enhanced)" profile has been created and deployed to all robots. A group level profile "Event Log Include (Enhanced)" is required, here we face an issue where after selecting the reference device no "Available Logs *" are found: 

    Note: This is a mandatory field and without an event selection criteria selected, we are unable to move forward with the configuration. 

  • The expectation is that all "Available Logs" should be referenced for selection. Below is an example from a working system:


Release : 20.3

Component : UIM - NTEVL


Based on troubleshooting with the UIM OC and ROBOT engineering team, it appears the issue is caused by no communication between the OC robot and the target robots. When using probes like the ntevl probe via the MCS OC UI, to gather the "Available Logs" from the target robot a direct call from the OC to the target robot is made and as this fails it results in the MCS OC UI profile configuration not populating the required data to complete monitoring. 


Engineering has confirmed with the current design, it is required to have direct communication between the OC Server & Reference devices in non-secure environments (e.g. not running the secure bus).

Engineering will update the product documentation to ensure this is clear.