UIM cluster probe share section empty
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UIM cluster probe share section empty


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Need to add sqlserver shared section to the cluster probe to avoid double alarms from the inactive cluster node.
The cluster node contains multiple sql instances.
We need to monitor 8 instances.
For all monitored instances, I was able to create a sqlserver profile in the cluster probe but for 3 instances I am no longer able to add the shared section.

01.jpg : cluster probe content
02.jpg : request new shared section
03.jpg : able to select the sqlserver probe but no content is displayed (section empty)
04.jpg : retry request new shared section
05.jpg : and now not even able to select the sqlserver probe, instead a communication error pops uploaded
06.jpg : error screen after click ok on communication error (05.jpg)
07.jpg : shared section window pops up after click ok on error screen (06.jpg) but now even probe list is empty
08.jpg : IM status of robot after cold start cluster probe 
09.jpg : retry to add new shared section but same as in screenshot 03.jpg (empty content)


Release : 20.3

uim 20.3.0 - OC 20.3.2
robot 9.32
hub 9.31
sqlserver probe 5.45
cluster probe 3.70



Root cause: cluster_setup section was not in sqlserver_monitor.cfg and this is a requirement to let the cluster probe communicate with the sqlserver probe.


Fixed by adding <cluster_setup> section to sqlserver_monitor.cfg and restarting the robot.