LU01632 clarification
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LU01632 clarification


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Disk Backup and Restore - MVS


LU01632 should be applied if FDS is used as database for CA DISK/OS.


Release : 12.5

Component : CA Disk Backup and Restore


The LU01632 is a Product Error Alert and not an APAR.

CA Disk customers will need to apply Datacom 15.1 PTFs LU00161 and LU00589 to prevent the free space in a data area from being incorrect after running an IXMAINT job.
From the Datacom PTF description:
If an application closes a base after performing only DELET or UPDAT
commands (i.e. no ADDIT commands), it is possible that free space in
a data area is managed incorrectly. As a result, a subsequent ADDIT
may encounter RC 07(035) (data area full), even if space is available
to store the new row.
Once the PTFs are applied, customers should run the following DBUTLTY
DATASCAN function to repair free space and record count information.
You can learn more about the DATASCAN function in the CA Datacom Core
15.1 documentation for the DATASCAN function.
Your DBUTLTY input to handle this is simple:
(Change 650 to match the DBID used for your CA Disk FDB.)
//SYSIN    DD  *
1) CA Disk receives an RC 07(035) during other processing
2) An unexpected Dynamic Extend is attempted when the Percent Used in
message 4371 is not close to the limit:
ADSDC195 4371 PERCENT USED: 55% - OF 500,000 TOTAL BLOCKS 275,000 ARE IN USE

LU00589 and LU00161 are DATACOM/DB ptfs and should be applied if CA DATACOM is running on the partition and if DATACOM is used as database for CA DISK/OS.