Federation :: Affiliate Agent : UTC and IssueInstant Date Format
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Federation :: Affiliate Agent : UTC and IssueInstant Date Format


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We run Federation environment as IdP and the Affiliate Agent is unable
to parse the SAML assertion as getting this error:

  [ERROR] SAML_ParseException occurred while trying to parse the SAML
  Response received. Exception: Parsing SAML_Assertion: Could not
  parse date in <IssueInstant> Element(2011-08-11T13:12:47+02:00)

Indeed, the IssueInstant as the value 2011-08-11T13:12:47+02:00 which
is not ending with Z as Zulu time. Is the 2011-08-11T13:12:47+02:00
UTC time ?




The format that the Affiliate Agent receive


is not UTC. 

The time


is local time and not UTC.

According to OASIS, the IssueInstant should be written in UTC format.

IssueInstant [Required]

  The time instant of issue in UTC, as described in Section 1.3.3




Our product works as designed and respects these guidelines. You
should ask the SP side to send the IssueInstant in UTC format.