How to create a user defined health check to a host or a URL?
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How to create a user defined health check to a host or a URL?


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


Proxy would need to send a notification when a website is failing.


Release : 6.7, 7.2 and 7.3

Component : Health Check.


In regards to getting an alert when a site is down or unreachable, you can achieve this by configuring a user defined host or URL health check.

Below are the steps on how to configure the user defined host or health check for a URL.

1. Select Configuration > Health Checks > General > Health Checks.
2. Click New.

You will see a window below.


a. Enter a name for the health check.
b. Select the Enabled state option, as required.
c. Enter the URL address of the target.

The 200 response code is added by default.

e. On the "default setting", you can set it like the settings below. This settings will send the request to the URL every 15 minutes and consider it is healthy for every good response. If the proxy gets no response for once, it will trigger the sick threshold. You can change this setting to suit your environment in case there is too many notifications been sent due to false alarm.

f. On overriding the "default notifications", you have an option to trigger an email, event log or an snmp when it fails.