Replacement Reports for Automation Studio Reports
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Replacement Reports for Automation Studio Reports


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CA Release Automation - Release Operations Center (Nolio)


What is the replacement of "Online Audit Report", "Offline Audit Report", "Management Report" and "Change Log" reports which we use to get in "Reports" Tab of Automation Studio? 


Release : 6.7



Online Audit Report and Offline Audit Report 

These Automation Studio (ASAP) reports are replaced by the Release Operation Centers (ROC) Dashboard -> Report: Process Report. From this report you can switch between Offline or Online. From the list of processes you can get the additional details by clicking on each process. From there, you can export the results of all the actions to a csv or pdf if you'd like to look at more than one result at a time to compare, etc..


Management Report

This Automation Studio report is basically an extension of the Offline and Online reports. The main difference between this report and the online/offline is that this report gives a total number of runs (seemingly based on total runs - without any other filter other than time, despite its description saying it's for terminated processes). Here is an example:



There is no one report that gives the same exact information as the Management Report. From the Process Report you can get a similar reference to the number of runs (as shown below). There are other reports that offer other pieces of data like the "Average Deployment Duration" Widget. Keep in mind that the reports in Automation Studio were very focused on things running at a process level. Most of the process level info is available through the various Dashboard Widgets and Reports. But the widgets and reports also provide insight at a higher level (deployment and environments). 


Example of ROC Process Report showing the same 196 processes referenced by the Automation Studio's Management Report. 




Change Log

The equivalent of this ASAP report can be found in the ROC Reports -> Audit History Report. 



Additional Information

A list of the Dashboard widgets and reports, along with a description for each, can be found here: Dashboard Content