FCO230I PDSMAN Fastcopy message with CC=04
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FCO230I PDSMAN Fastcopy message with CC=04


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Getting this message:  FCO230I PDSMAN FASTCOPY PROCESSING COMPLETE  with CC=04

The process is done, validated and checks out.  Usually get a rc00 but this time received a rc04. 


Release : 7.7

Component : CA-PDSMAN for OS/390


FastCopy is changing the operation from a COPY to COPYMOD (re FCO219I msg).

The return code is 4 because each of the input libraries have modules that are linked as page-aligned (re FCO145W msgs & text=- MODULE IS PAGE ALIGNED appended to the messase).

The page-aligned modules that cause the rc=4 because they cannot be reblocked. 

Modules that are not reblocked may end up with blocks that are larger than the data set block size. Those modules are usable and do not cause problems when executed, however data set validation programs, like PDSM13 or FastCopy VALIDATE, will report the blocks exceeding block size as an error.