Key Performance Indicators and Device details and metrics are not loading in Operator console 20.3.0
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Key Performance Indicators and Device details and metrics are not loading in Operator console 20.3.0


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM) Unified Infrastructure Management for Mainframe CA Unified Infrastructure Management SaaS (Nimsoft / UIM)


For some servers we don’t see the Key Performance Indicators/Device details or metrics. No Device details displayed for Inventory nodes/hosts. Trying to fetch cpu usage for a server in operator console but it shows as NO DATA. It was working earlier and request support to set it back to normal where we can generate a report for Cpu/Disk/Memory usage etc.


Release : 20.3.0



Upgraded UIM v20.3.0 to UIM v20.3.3 + June 2021 Release

- Recent backups completed beforehand (vmware SNAPSHOTs of UIM and OC)

- Performed health check of UIM environment before upgrade.

- Installed UIM Server (20.3.3 Installer)

- Installed OC (20.3.3 Installer)

- We ran into one issue where there were a lot of Powershell scripts consuming a lot of CPU which was slowing down the Primary hub processing (The powershell scripts pass alarms to Netcool and create Service Now tickets) - and these Powershell processes from the nas scripts hung the OC installer. So, we had to stop the robot, deactivate the relevant nas rule (script) then we reactivated the robot and then the OC installer was then able to finish.

- Performed health check of UIM environment after upgrade.

- Upgraded nas probe from 9.32 to 9.32 HF1

- Checked hosts that previously did not display device details/metrics, e.g., msprap141, msprap172, etc. and there were Device details and metrics displayed successfully now. Also checked custom time range function.

Applied 20.3.3 June 2021 release packages (Operator Console 20.3.3 June 2021 Patch)

- Copied the 2021 release packages into the local archive of the Primary hub.

- Deactivated wasp on the Operator Console (OC).

- Applied the June 2021 packages to the OC machine.

- ump_operatorconsole-2.1.0-HF3
- uim_reportscheduler-20.3.3-HF2
- ump_accountadmin-20.3.3-HF2
- ump_dashboard-20.3.3-HF1
- ump_slm-20.3.3-HF2
- wasp_alarmviewer_api-2.1.7-HF2
- wasp_service_wrapper-20.3.3-HF1
- policy-management-ws-0.2.7-HF1
- ump_cabi-4.2.4_HF2 (Released in May 2021)

Note: MCS, MCS CLI & MCS Recon from the Mon Config Service bundle (mon_config_service_20.33_HF2_bundle) has to be deployed on Primary Hub.

- mcsuiapp_portlet_1.3.9_HF2
- mon_config_service_20.33_HF2_bundle (Released in May 2021)  - must extract packages first. These artifacts are to be applied on the Primary Hub.

Perform the deployment of the packages in the following order:


Checked UIM Server and Operator Console functionality and performance and everything was working as expected.

Very good performance all around.

Additional Information

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