failed to connect to host DH__WRITER@ - (10071)
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failed to connect to host [email protected] - (10071)


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CA Privileged Identity Management Endpoint (PIM)


We are getting the following error message in the policyfetcher log and our enterprise policies are not being pushed to the endpoint

failed to connect to host "[email protected]_Host:PORT" (10071), retrying...


[[email protected]:/opt/CA/AccessControl/log]# tail -f policyfetcher.log

09:45:[email protected] 05 2019 - Policy user '_unab'

09:45:[email protected] 05 2019 - fetching local deployed policies...

09:45:[email protected] 05 2019 -   Subpolicy name  '[email protected] UNAB hosts#14'

09:45:[email protected] 05 2019 -   Subpolicy action 1

09:45:[email protected] 05 2019 -   Subpolicy status 1

09:45:[email protected] 05 2019 - Start sending heartbeat...

09:45:[email protected] 05 2019 - Scanning DH list, round #1

09:45:[email protected] 05 2019 - trying to connect to host "[email protected]_Host:7243"

09:45:[email protected] 05 2019 - failed to connect to host "[email protected]_Host:7243" (10071), retrying...

09:45:[email protected] 05 2019 - Going to sleep 60 seconds ... (non abortable)


Release : 12.x, 14.x

Component : CA ControlMinder - Unix, PAMSC


The policyfetcher process cannot reach the DH_WRITER process in order to request the updates from the distribution server.


Steps to resolve

  1. check the hostname and port configured is correct
  2. check the hostname is resolvalbe
  3. check the port is accessable

Actually, we don’t need  WebEx anymore,  I found the root cause of 10071 error.

(You can close that ticket).  Based on the process you showed me on  recreate the DH__WRITER,

I was able to create the DH__WRITER and the endpoint was able to connect to it.

Additional Information

There is a similar error seen in the same log when the policy fetcher can access the DH_WRITER but is cannot access the local seosdb on the endpoint 

In the policyfetcher.log you will see " failed to connect to host "localhost"; error code: 10071 "

For this particular error please review Article Id: 106116

PIM policyfetcher.log failed to connect to host "localhost"; error code: 10071 (