Unable to open an NSQL portlet
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Unable to open an NSQL portlet


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When I open the portlet I get an error:

You have exceeded your maximum row limit display of 50000

WARN  2021-06-09 14:28:58,642 [http-nio-8080-exec-209] persistence.PersistenceResponse (clarity:admin:20505264__92B5DAD4-807C-4A1B-BFC8-A393BE522A1F:prdStaffing) Rownum limit of '50000' detected. Attempted to return '53805'.

WARN  2021-06-09 14:28:58,644 [http-nio-8080-exec-209] nsql.NSQLQuery (clarity:admin:20505264__92B5DAD4-807C-4A1B-BFC8-A393BE522A1F:prdStaffing) Rownum limit reached for NSQL query with id = '5146226' and code = 'test'.


Release : Any


You are running an NSQL query. We have governor limits set on your instance to avoid system overload. The default is 50k.

It is generally not recommended to increase this limit as portlets with lots of rows can actually bring the system down if accessed at once by many users.

Please check the KB below to see how to increase the governor limit and what are the ranges: Governor Limits in Clarity