UIM 20.3 - how does the Metric Viewer Default view work?
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UIM 20.3 - how does the Metric Viewer Default view work?


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Metric Viewer has a default view known as the Golden Metrics, as well as the ability to create a custom default view, so how do they work? 


Release : 20.3



The Golden Metrics is the default view used whenever a custom default view has not been specified. The QOS that are used for the Golden Metrics is configurable via the wasp raw configure or cfg, webapps\operatorconsole_portlet\golden_metrices\device_type_config\qos_names =. Adding or removing QOS from that list determines what metrics will show up in the view. First deactivate wasp, make a backup copy of wasp.cfg and then make the modification, and activate. 

Custom Default Metric Views are created checking the box for Default View. 

Then select the visibility. 

Private: only the user will see the view
Account: only users under the same Account will see the view 
Public: the view is visible to all users 

The view was saved as Shared View - UMP. 

It now shows up as the default view. 


When another user logs in and selects the same system it will show either the Golden Metrics view or 'No metrics found' if there are no metrics available in the Golden Metrics list. 


Go to the Metrics icon and click Manage Views near the top right.

Now click 'Shared With Me' 

Click the Copy icon to the right of the view. 


Enter a new name in the field and click Apply.

Now exit the Manage Views and click the down arrow next to 'Select Metric'

Select the view and then the pencil icon to edit.

Now check the box for Default View and then Update at the bottom right. If you want the selected metrics can be change and the view made Private.

Now it shows up as the user's default view.


Additional Information



Custom metric views are written into the OCMETRICNAMEDVIEW table, and are associated to the device by the cs_id, and to the created by the user name. Additionally there is a field 'is_default' set to 1 if this is the default view for that device and user, and view_type which is set for the selection Private, Account, or Public.  

Note: Default views cannot be deleted. First, it is necessary to edit the view to remove the checkbox for Default View, save, and then go to Manage Views and it can then be deleted.