Deleted client still shows up in WP startup log
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Deleted client still shows up in WP startup log


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CA Automic One Automation


After deletion of a client the client still is being reported in the startup section of the WP log, like this:

20210517/081629.123 - U00011869 Client/Mode/TaskPrio/AH_Idnr/TZ/Prio/EH_Kick/Cale_Ahead/VersionMgmnt/XRO/Object_Audit: 0001/STOP/200/0000000000/TZ_CET  /200/0003/0014/Y/N/N
20210517/081629.124 - U00011869 Client/Mode/TaskPrio/AH_Idnr/TZ/Prio/EH_Kick/Cale_Ahead/VersionMgmnt/XRO/Object_Audit: 1083/STOP/200/0000000000/TZ_CET  /200/0003/0014/Y/N/N

Both clients from the example above (0001 and 1083) have been deleted previously.


Component : Automation Engine
Release : 12.x
Context: AE DB Client Copy utility (ucybdbcc) used to delete a client


Up to now, it is not 100% clear why this is happening. Investigation is ongoing.


In all known cases of this issue, the situation could be fixed by the following steps:

* create a client with the client-id you wish to remove

* start the client

* stop the client

* delete the client using the ClientCopy-Utility