Portfolio License Agreement (PLA) Usage Collection Guide
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Portfolio License Agreement (PLA) Usage Collection Guide


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The following article walks you through the My PLA Usage functionality and offers best practices for reporting usage and telemetry for your PLA products. 


Main Landing Page 

Upon first clicking the My PLA Usage tab, you’ll be presented with the main landing page showing the following features:

  1. A listing of all your manually reported usage
  2. The ability to include automatic usage in your view by selecting the Show Automatic Usage checkbox
  3. The ability to filter by specific quarters
  4. The ability to export the list of products and related usage attributes. CSV

Adding New Usage

To add new product usage complete the following steps:

  1. Select the appropriate quarter from the All Quarters drop-down menu
  2. Click Add New Product Instance 

  3. A new blank instance line item will be added to the bottom of your product list view

  4. Complete the entry with the appropriate information (required fields are notated with an asterisk)
  5. Click the checkmark icon from the Actions column to save your record
  6. A success message appears confirming your record was saved 

  7. To delete a manually added line item select the appropriate quarter and click the X icon from the Actions column
  8. A success message appears confirming your record was deleted 


Baseline Products 

Baseline products represent those products that your organization had in use prior to the start of your PLA contract.

IMPORTANT: Because these products were most likely in use by your organization prior to the start of your PLA contract, the assumption is they continue to be in-use and is therefore a great starting point when reporting usage and telemetry. 

  1. To identify your baseline products, sort the Baseline column as shown below. Baseline products will be tagged with a “Y”

Manual Usage Reporting - Quarterly Carry-Over 

To assist with reporting manual usage quarter-over-quarter, all manual usage will be carried over from the previous quarter to the current quarter. These line items will carry over in the following circumstances: 

  • Line items will get added to the current quarter on the first day of the first month of the current quarter.
  • In the below example, there were three manual usage line items added in the Apr-Jun 2021 quarter. On July 1st, those three line items were added to the Jul-Sep 2021 quarter with their Date Collected set to 07-01-2021.

If you require assistance in gathering and reporting telemetry data from your Broadcom Products & Services please contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM). 


Additional Information

For more information regarding several enhancements we have recently made to the My PLA Entitlements Portal click HERE